Traffax BluFAX is a revolutionary line of traffic surveillance equipment that employs Bluetooth technology to provide accurate traveltime and origin-destination data for vehicle and pedestrian applications; and for use in environments that include high-speed roadways, arterial roadways, and security check points.

BluFAX portable and permanently mounted products have been used effectively for applications that include:

  • Real time traveltime monitoring and information on freeways and arterials.
  • As a replacement for floating car studies to collect traveltime and delay information.
  • Validation of alternative traveltime data sources on freeways and arterial roadways.
  • Before-and-after studies to assess traffic signal system performance.
  • Monitoring traffic and the impacts of roadway construction projects.
  • Measuring vehicle speed and delay through work zones.
  • Origin-destination surveys for vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Real-time monitoring of border-crossing wait times.

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