BluFax Sensors

BluFAX Sensors

BluFAX core technology has been in use by agencies and consultants in the United States, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere since 2009, with will over 300,000 unit-hours of operations documented for data collection and monitoring by a growing base of satisfied customers.

luFAX data collection systems are based on a central module which incorporates the core capabilities essential to supporting accurate data collection, reliable and trouble-free operations in a wide range of configurations and operating environments.  Standard features include:

BluFAX Standard Portable

Standard BluFAX portable, introduced in 2009, is a battery-operated, self-contained unit designed to provide ultimate flexibility in placing units for traveltime and Origin-Destination (O-D) studies on freeways, arterials, and urban roadways. These stand-alone units, packaged in a water-proof Pelican case operate for at least 14 days on a fully-charged AGM-type battery.  Sensors can be configured to send data sets daily va e-mail, and also to support real-time montoring for short-term applications.

BluFAX Urban Portable

BluFAX Urban Portables present a full-featured, battery-powered data collection unit in an unobtrusive, rectagular non-metalic cabinet easily mounted on exiting pole structures.  These units can be quickly mounted to available poles.   These units are ideal in locations where existing structures are available.  Pole-ready, pad-lockable cabinet is quickly installed with a ladder and screwdriver, and are immediately operational.  Mounting units 8 to 10 feet above street level increases detection rates and keeps units out of reach.  

BluFAX Solar Unit

The BluFAX Solar Unit is designed for autonomous operation using solar power and cellular communications.  Solar units are enclosed in a non-metalic, weather-proof enclosure that is readly for pole mounting.  Units are quickly and easily installed to existing structures and are immediately operational.  

BluFAX Split or Chandler Unit

The BluFAX Chandler unit is designed to facilitate easy integration with existing power and/or communications available at nearby traffic cabinets. The BluFAX electronics and antenna are contained in a separate fiberglass enclosure, easily mounted on existing structures.   This configuration simplifies connections to existing power and communications, eliminates the need for external antennas, and allows placement of Blutooth units to optimize the quanity and quality of Bluetooth detections.  

BluFAX Card Unit

BluFAX core electronics can be mounted in existing traffic cabinets, and can be configured for integration into existing systems to provide expanded traffic monitoring and data collection capabilities.   BluFAX modlular design supports configurations to accept a vareity of power sources and communications media, including ethernet and use with external models. Please contact Traffax to discuss your needs with our technical staff,      

  • Built-in GPS for location and common time referncing.
  • Integrated GSM Cellular Modem to support remote data reporting and realtime connectivity.
  • Configurable to communicate using  Ethernet or external modem.
  • On-board data storage on industrial-grade Micro SD card archives up to 2 years data.
  • Class 1 Bluetooth radio and antenna with nominal 100M detection zone standard,  Class 2 Bluetooth available upon request.
  • Serial out data port.
  • Accepts vareity of power sources, including 12V AGM battery, solar, and A/C.
  • Set-up files support configuration of operating parameters.
  • Passed high and low temperature testing for trouble free operations.