BluSTATS  Processing and Analysis Software

BluSTATS is designed as a user-friendly, flexible tool to support processing and analysis of BluFAX sensor data for a wide range of applications. A software license for the BluSTATS Traffic Data Analysis software is provided with each purchase and rental of Traffax equipment. BluSTATS provides a user-friendly tool to process BluFAX data for traveltime and Origin-Destination (O-D) applications.

 BluSTATS Operation is organized around a series of modules, which include: 

    • Set up and label your project,
    • Define location of project working files, set local time, and more.
  • Station Information
    • Load and process BluFAX 
    • Generate KML files, including interface with Google Earth
    • Output processed station detection data in .csv format.
    • Graph station detections
    • View and, if needed, adjust unit location and time reference information.
  • Segment Information
    • Segment definintion and labeling
    • Process segments
    • User-defned filters to support processing data that include mixed traffic streams, such as vehicles and pedestrians,  
    • Generate traveltime data plots,
    • Graphic tools to support manual selection of data to mark as outlieres or include as valid data points. 
    • Produce daily traveltime, speed, and detections plots for use in reports or  PowerPoint presentations.
  • Segment Summary Statistics
    • Generate segment summary statistics for 5, 15, or 60 minute time periods.
    • Segment length, number of data points, traveltime statistics (mean, median, minimum, maximum, traveltime percentiles, and standard deviation) and mean segment speed. 

    • Generate .csv files and formatted Excel reports by segment, for 5, 15, and 60 minute time periods. 

  • Corridor Reports  
    • Combine segments to define routes which represent alternative paths through study area.
    • Generate corridor reports for mean and median traveltimes, mean speed, number of matched pairs,
    • Output data in .csv format, for use in Excel or other analysis software. 
  • Traveltime Matrixes
    • Define and generate travel-time summary statistics for specific segments in a matrix format.
    • Specify filtering options for aggregating data for specific time periods.
    • Include or exclude data marked as outliers.
  • Origin and Destination Matrixes
    • Identify stations for inclusion in matrix
    • Select data data aggregation options, by starting date and time, length of time period, number of repetitions 
    • Select  data filtering options to include/exclude outliers, time window to search for data to include (analysis time windows).

BluSTATS Getting Started Webinar

All Traffax customers can request a free interactive webinar to help you get started using BluSTATS on your first project, for a refresher that covers the latest BluSTATS features, or to discuss the use of BluSTATS for an upcoming project. Webniar sessions are conducted using desktop sharing, and are tailored to your specific needs and interests.        
BluSTATS Updates
We add functions and features to BluSTATS on a regular basis. Updates are available to all Traffax customers free of charge. If you plan to go back and re-process data from a previous study, or plan to start a new study, send us an e-mail to find out if you are running the latest version. For information, please send an e-mail to