Board of Directors

The Traffax Board of Directors

Philip J. Tarnoff, Chairman of the Board. Mr Tarnoff has been a leader in the areas of traffic operations and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) for the last 30 years. He founded the leading ITS systems integration firm in the 1980s and, in 1997, founded the Center for Advanced Transportation Technology at the University of Maryland. Throughout his career, Mr. Tarnoff has been responsible for many marquee initiatives including the I-95 Corridor Coalition’s Vehicle Probe Project, the development of new forms of traveltime measurement technology, development of performance measures for transportation operations, assessment of the state of the art of traffic signal operations and the development of regional incident management systems. Mr. Tarnoff provides senior level guidance for the company, and assists in marketing and product development.

Thomas B Deen.  Retired Transportation Engineer and Planner. Chief Planner for Washington Metro directing feasibility studies and initial planning for the regions  extensive rail and bus network.  Senior VP and then President of Alan Voorhees and Associates, well known transportation engineering firm which conducted major transportation planning projects worldwide; Executive Director of the Transportation Research Board (division of the National Academies), in charge of the conduct of millions of dollars of transportation research annually, the major publisher of transportation research literature in the world, and holding an annual meeting attracting  upwards of 10,000 attendees. He has published widely, is a frequent speaker at meetings and conferences and has been granted numerous awards for distinguished service.  He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Roy Sumner. Currently owner at FreeAhead Inc., an independent consultancy that specializes in the research, design and implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Previously, Sumner was Senior VP at PB Farradyne after a stint as Senior VP/Owner at Farradyne Systems Inc. and as an Associate VP at Alan M. Voorhees & Associates.  Sumner is the inventor on three issued US Patents.