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Flagstaff Arizona Press Release.   February 2010.

Arterial Signal Timing.  BluFAX provides a cost-effective way to gather the data needed to evaluate the impacts of signal timing changes on arterial operations.

Interchange Assessments.   BluFAX units can be used to collect traveltime and origin-destination for interchanges.    

I-95 Pennsylvania Origin-Destination Study.   BluFAX sensors were deployed to capture movements for 38 interchanges along 51 miles of I-95 in Pennsylvania. BluSTATs Analysis Software was used to generated detailed OD tables for each exit,  a project-wide OD table, and hourly travel times for I-95 in the north-bound and southbound directions.

Charleston SC Origin-Destionation Study.  

SR-23 Origin-Destiination Study, Jacksonville, Florida.