BluFAX started the Bluetooth Traffic Monitoring revolution in 2009. Since then, the Traffax line of Bluetooth (TM)-based products and services has evolved to provide the features and flexibility needed to support data collection and realtime monitoring applications in a wide range of environments.  

BluFAX Systems applications are supported by three elements:

1.   BluFAX Sensors, based on Traffax patent-pending technology provides the functions and features needed to support data collection and realtime monitoring for traveltime and origin-destination applications, for short studies and long-term installations. 

2.   BluSTAT Analysis Software, a powerful, but user friendly tool packaged with all BluFAX equipment sales and rentals, is  used to process and analize data from BluFAX sensors for traffc and planning oriented travel time and orign-destination studies.   .

3.   BluFaxWeb, BluFAX web supports realtime monitoring applications and web-based user interface.  BluFaxWeb monitoring support is available from Traffax or can be licensed for customers who wish to sefl-host BluFaxWeb or integrate  realtime data into their existing software and systems.   Click here for an overview of real-time options.