Real-time Options

Traffax offers flexible options for access to real-time processing to meet each customer's needs and requirements.

Option 1: BluFaxWeb Site License

BluFaxWebsite licenses are available for customers who wish to host the real-time monitoring software on their own server.        

·         BluFaxWeb site-licenses are a one-time fee per sensor. There are no annual processing or licensing fees. Site licenses can be purchased for additional units when you are ready to expand your system,.

·         Technical Software Support.Software patches needed to address any Class 1 bugs discovered (those which may cause the software to return incorrect results or not function properly), are provided free of charge. Phone support associated with trouble-shooting of Class 1 bugs is also free.

·         Project Configuration Support.The BluFaxWeb configuration tool supports project set up and configuration. Up to one hour of technical support for installation and/or configuration of BluFaxWeb is included.  Additional support services available on an hourly basis.

·         Server Requirements.Servers are available through Traffax, with no mark-up, or purchase your  own server to host BluFaxWeb (Contact Traffax for recommended configurations. 

·         Server Set up and Configuration. Traffax provides server set up and project configuration support on a time and materials basis.  

·         BluFaxWeb Upgrades. Existing customers are offered reduced pricing on any new versions of BluFaxWeb released.  

Option 2: Real-time Processing Service

Real-time processing is available through Traffax BluFaxWebdata center for customers who want convenient access to real-time processing for their existing equipment or rented sensors.

·       Priced by sensor. The hosted solution is priced by sensor for short-term applicationsthrough long-terminstallations.  

·       BluFAX Sensor Initialization. Traffax configures BluFaxWeb to recognize the MAC_ID for each sensor.

·       One-time setup of project nodes, links, and routes included. Traffax will set-up nodes, links, and routes, and configure map-interface settings and alert/alarm features available in BluFaxWeb.

·       Set-up Adjustments. Once the initial project is configured, adjustments to configuration of userinterfaces and features are provided at an hourly charge.  

·       XMLAccess and Support. Receive unlimited XML access.  Traffax maintains an Interface Control Document to insure ease of use for XML users

·       System Upgrades and Maintenance.  Gain immediate access to any new versions of BluFaxWeb released at no additional charge. Any required maintenance is scheduled around user needs and keeps system down time to a minimum. 

·       Technical Support..No chargefor trouble-shooting and addressing Class 1 software bugs. Other technical support is available at anhourly rate, Rates higher during off-hours.

Option 3: Complete Data Services

Complete end-to-end data collection and processing services are available to customers who want access to real-timeBluFaxWebmonitoring capabilities and data, but do not want the responsibility for deploying and maintaining sensors.

·       Priced by sensor by time. The hosted solution is priced by sensor for varying time frames based upon customer needs.

·       Secure data center. Data is hosted in a secure data center with redundant power and communications.

·       All costs are per period. This solution eliminates capital investment and varying operating costs.

·       Sensors can be part of many links. As sensors are added to a network, they can be a part to multiple links without adding to the monthly costs.

·       Flexible Billing Cycle. Annual, quarterly or monthly billing cycles are available.

·       Lease to own. This solution can be structured with a lease to own provision if desired.

·       Data belongs to You. Under this scenario, all data collected on your behalf, belongs to you.  It will be stored online and be moved to off-line storage as it gets older.

·       Technical Support. No charge for addressing Class 1 bugs.  System reconfiguration will be billable at an hourly rate.

·       XMLl Access and Support. Receive unlimited XML access.  Traffax maintains an Interface Control Document to insure ease of use for XML users