Rental Program

Rental Program

Traffax rents our BluFAX battery operated and solar-powered units on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis for short-term or temporary projects.  Real-time monitoring support is also available for short or long-term projects, for customers who rent BluFAX sensors and for customers who own BluFAX and need real-time support and/or an expanded network for occasional projects.  

BluFAX sensors available on a rental/lease basis include our Standard BluFAX Portable, the   BluFAX Urban Portable, and the BluFAX Solar Units.    Portable models are battery operated and run a minimum of two weeks on a full charge.  Solar units will operate indefinately, without the need to re-charge batteries. All rental units arrive pre-configured for your project, and are ready to install  on existing poles or structures.

BluSTATS Analaysis Software.  A license to use Traffax BluSTATS Analysis software to analyze data collected with BluFAX sensors is included with all rentals.  This software, which runs on most PC systems, provides the tools needed to process and analyze data for traveltime and origin and distination applications.   A complimentary "Getting Started with BluSTATs Webinar may be scheduled with a traffax expert to walk you through processing and considerations for loading, processing, and analyzing your data; and are available to answer questions to help you interpret your results.  

Included Technical Support. All rentals include review of your project area with a Traffax transportation expert to determine your equipment needs,  discuss placement of sensors,  and answer any questions you have about the installation and use of BluFAX sensors and software for your project.   Once yout data collection is complete, customers may schedule a complimentary Getting Started with BluSTATS webinar to walk through the process of processing and analyzing the data for your application.

Communications/Connectivity Options.  Alll models of BluFAX sensors can be configured to support off-line data collection, remote-data reporting and/or to support realtime monitoring applications.  Cellular communications charges will apply. 

Realtime Monitoring Support. Realtime monitoring support through BluFaxWeb is available to customers for projects of all durations for a monthly service fee.  Traffax services include software set-up and configuration of processing and user interfaces for your application.  Realtime customers may also request remote-data reporting, which provides daily data sets via email once per day.  These data sets may be analyzed using BluSTATS Analysis software, to gain maximum value from data .   

Have a complex or large project?  The basic level of support is sufficent for the majority of projects our rental customers undertake.  However, application support is available on an hourly basis for customers who are planning/conducting large, complex projects.   Available services range from review of study approaches/methologies to full-service data analysis.