Traffax Approach

The Traffax Approach

Founded and managed by a team of transportation and technology experts, Traffax’ primary mission is to provide flexible, reliable, and accurate equipment and software and the assistance needed to support a wide range of transportation monitoring and traffic data collection projects. All the data you collect is yours, without restriction, and will not be packaged or sold to others. Our first-hand knowledge of the needs and interests of transportation agencies is reflected in our product design, as well as the packaging of our products and services.

Elements of BluFAX Traffic Monitoring Systems

The Traffax line of Bluetooth-based traffic monitoring and data collection products and services are designed to provide maximum flexibility in configuring equipment and software to meet the specific needs of transportation professionals

  • BluFAX Sensors: Highly configurable to meet diverse study requirements. Power options include stand-alone or solar-recharged battery or 110-240V power connections for use with existing power sources.  Connectivity options include off-line data collection, remote data reporting and/or real-time monitoring via cellular modem or direct connection to available communications infrastructure.  BluFAX core electronics and enclosures have undergone extreme high and low-temperature laboratory testing and have millions of unit-hours of field service on freeways and arterials.   Enclosures are designed for easy installation on existing pole structures. BluFAX units operate and generate data 24 hours a day.
  • BluFaxWeb: Provides a customizable web-based interface, data processing, and analysis algorithms configured to optimize travel time data on a segment by segment basis.  Processing parameters and algorithms, fine-tuned for each project application, support use of data to generate travel time information and archived data for further analysis. Map-based interfaces may be configured to change color when travel times exceed pre-defined thresholds, as well as issue alarms and alerts via email and text-messaging.
  • BluSTATs Analysis SoftwareA powerful tool that supports off-line analysis of data to support travel time and origin-destination studies.  A site license for BluSTATS is included with all equipment purchases and rentals.  In addition to supporting traffic and planning studies, this analysis package supports post-processing of data from real-time monitoring applications.   Data sets obtained directly from BluFAX units are compatible with data archived through real-time monitoring applications