Traffax People

About Traffax Inc.

Traffax was formally launched in 2009 to commerialize, manufacture, and sell Bluetooth-based sensors based on technology developed at the University of Maryland.  US and international patent applications for use of Bluetooth for traffic monitoring applications were applied for in 2008, fomally filed in 2009, are currently pending. (   

The Traffax Team

Traffax was founded and is managed  by a highly-qualified team of transportation, technology, and business professionals who are uniquely qualfied to propagate the use of a low-cost data collection methodology developed at the University of Maryland that provides an inexpensive and reliable way to directly sample vehicle traveltimes. Our product and approach to business has been guided by extensive experience and understanding of transportation applications and the needs and requirements of transportation and planning agencies and their consultants.    

Peter Carnes, CEO.    Mr. Carnes brings extensive experience in the business and manufacturing sectors, and an impressive track record working in high-technology, rapidly evolving fields. 

Stanley E. Young, PhD, P.E., President. Dr. Young,  president of Traffax Inc, is one of the primary inventors of the BluFAX technology, and lead developer of the BluSTATS Analysis software.   Stan has over 17 years of experience in transportation research and development, with extensive experience in system applications, wireless communications, non-destructive testing, and design of data collection, processing, and display systems.