BluFax units offer the environmental characteristics and reliability needed for permanent installations. In addition, due to their small size and the availability of external antennas, they are ideal for installation in existing equipment cabinets and traffic signal cabinets. Permanent installations often have special requirements for communications and external power. A rapidly expanding set of options is being developed to meet these needs. Contact us to discuss any special requirements you may have. BluFax equipment is being installed for permanent operation in the San Francisco bay area.

Yes, in fact much of the early R&D centered on creating an effective portable data collection system.  The portable system is Traffax’s first commercial product.

A license of BluStats software is included in every purchase.  BluStats was developed for convenient filtering, matching and displaying travel times and speed derived from the BluFax units.

Although current products are customized for vehicle based system, they are equally effective in characterizing transit and pedestrian flows.

BluFax technology does not circumvent any security or privacy protocols.  Rather, the method complies fully with existing protocols.  Traffax’s patent pending technology relates to the efficient implementation so that it is effective to measure travel time on roadways, transit and pedestrian facilities.

The radio identification used to sample travel time cannot be traced to owner of the device, or to the vehicle.  The radio IDs are assigned at the electronics factory, and not traced through the sales chain.  This inherent protection provided by Bluetooth prevents tracking a person based on their Bluetooth device without first isolating the Bluetooth device in order to determine and record its ID.   Furthermore, individuals concerned with privacy can opt out simply by deactivating the discoverable mode.

Only Bluetooth enabled devices that are configured to be discovered by other Bluetooth devices can be detected.

The sampling rate depends on antenna type and placement.  For temporary data collection systems in which the BluFax detectors are placed directly on the ground next to the roadway, sampling rates as high as 6% have been observed, with average sampling rates between 2% and 3%. When antennas are elevated the sampling rates is consistently greater than 4%, often as high as 7%.

BluFax technology is based on the Bluetooth point to point networking protocol.  Many consumer devices contain Bluetooth radios.  By detecting the radio at two locations along the highway, and subtracting the times of detection, a travel time sample can be obtained.

BluFax directly samples travel times on a segment of roadway.  Most technology samples vehicle speed at a particular point.  By directly sampling travel time, BluFax can accurately measure delays, and compute true speed (distance/travel time).